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2008/01/31 Mr. Kamei
We came here to build a good relationship with subordinates. We are here to drink Don Blanco!

 Ms. Ikeuchi
I want to dance salsa again! Food was delicios! I will be back!

2006/08/25 Ms.Masami
I had an impresson that Mexican food is spicy, but upon my request, all dishes were mild. Thank you. The food was good and staff are friendly.

2006/08/23 Mr. Kono
We were seated at almost private room, so we could scream!!!

Ms. K.Yumiko
The food was very good. I liked the cruncy totopos served in the begining.

Ms. Mihoko
Tortillaswere crunchy and that was first time experience for me. The guacamole was good too!

Mr. Ishi
The food was good. I love the experience eating tacos with everybody. I liked the jalapeno sauce too!

Guacamole and tortillas were extraordinaly delicious!!

2006/08/18 Mr. Somebody

Habanero were toooooo spicy but good!

I had a lots of fun!!Dancing salsa too!!Habanero were too spicy but we had lots of fun!!

I had a very enjoyable moments!!First time dancing salsa!I want to come back again!

I had a lots of fun. I might come back for a salsa lesson. The salad was huge and good.

I liked the food and I get to dance salsa. was very fun♪

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customer's review
Don Blanco Customers' review

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